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2024 OFA Virtual Workshop Sessions

  • Keynote — Pavan Balaji, Meta
  • “OFI 2.0 Update” — Jianxin Xiong, Intel
  • “Status of OpenFabrics Interfaces (OFI) Support in MPICH” — Yanfei Guo, Argonne National Laboratory
  • “Designing In-Network Computing Aware Reduction Collectives in MPI” — Dhabaleswar Panda and Bharath Ramesh, The Ohio State University
  • “High Performance & Scalable MPI library over Broadcom RoCE” — Mustafa Abduljabbar, The Ohio State University; Hemal Shah, Broadcom Inc; and Shulei Xu, The Ohio State University
  • “Scaling Large Language Model Training using Hybrid GPU-based Compression in MVAPICH” — Aamir Shafi and Lang Xu, The Ohio State University
  • “OFI Integrated Shared Memory Offload” — Alexia Ingerson, Intel; Shi Jin, Amazon; and Amir Shehata, Oak Ridge National Laboratories
  • "Managing Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure With OFA Sunfish" — Christian Pinto, IBM Research Europe; Michael Aguilar, Sandia National Laboratories; Phil Cayton, Intel; Russ Herrell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; and Brian Pan, H3 Platform
  • "An Integrated Deep Reinforcement Learning Agent for Sunfish and HPC Workload Manager Composable Disaggregated Resource Scheduling" — Catherine Appleby and Michael Aguilar, Sandia National Laboratories
  • "Cornelis Networks CN5000 Adapter and Software Update" — Dennis Dalessandro, Cornelis Networks
  • "System Composability Using CXL" – Kurtis Bowman, CXL Consortium MWG Co-Chair
  • "Optimized All-to-all Connection Establishment for High-Performance MPI Libraries over InfiniBand" — Mustafa Abduljabbar and Dhabaleswar Panda, The Ohio State University
  • "RecoNIC: RDMA-enabled Compute Offloading on FPGA-based SmartNIC" — Guanwen Zhong, AMD
  • "Accelerating MPI AllReduce Communication with Efficient GPU-Based Compression Schemes on Modern GPU Clusters" — Hari Subramoni and Qinghua Zhou, The Ohio State University
  • "How to setup RDMA CI using the FSDP cluster" — Doug Ledford, Redhat
  • "How to do manual RDMA testing using the FSDP cluster" — Jeremy Spewock, UNH InterOperability Lab (IOL)