Leadership Team

OFA Chair: Doug Ledford

Doug Ledford is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. He studied Computer Sciences at Southwest Missouri State University, where he was introduced to Linux back when it only ran from floppy discs. Doug led the team that built one of Springfield Missouri's first Internet Service Providers, utilizing Linux for all of the servers. He became the defacto maintainer of the aic7xxx SCSI driver, and then a member of the Linux Maintenance Project. Now working for Red Hat. Doug has worked in a number of different areas in the Linux kernel, including SCSI drivers, SCSI mid layer, audio drivers, network drivers, MD software RAID, and the RDMA stack in the Linux kernel as well as the user space portion of the RDMA stack. Doug is currently an upstream maintainer of the Linux kernel's RDMA stack and of the rdma-core user space project as well as a Red Hat Subject Matter Expert for the MD software RAID stack and the RDMA stack.

OFA Executive Director, Treasurer (acting): Jim Ryan

As a high-tech industry veteran, Jim Ryan brings more than 35 years of experience in developing and managing Special Interest Groups (SIGs). In addition to managing SIGs, Jim has experience in software development, software product management and high-performance data center networks. Jim formed the OpenFabrics Alliance to develop and promote interoperable software stacks for Remote Direct Memory Access interconnects for HPC and enterprise data centers. Since 2000, Jim has served as an initiative manager at Intel, where he also formed the SSI Forum to drive server infrastructure standards for blade servers, power supplies and server boards and enclosures. Prior to joining Intel, Jim spent time at Sequent (IBM), Bank of America and other high-tech online database companies. Jim completed his education with an MBA from U.C. Berkeley.

Phil Cayton, Vice Chair 

Phil Cayton is a Senior Staff Engineer for Intel with 25 years of industry experience researching and developing networking, storage, and datacenter infrastructure technologies.  In addition to his current role with Open Fabrics Alliance, he is actively involved with the Storage Networking Industry Association and the NVM ExpressTM Consortium.  He has been involved with InfiniBandTM since the beginning and has written many RDMA-based drivers including the initial prototype NVMe-over-Fabrics driver stack.  Additionally, he has led remote peer-to-peer memory projects, Open Fabrics testing and patching, dynamic data center energy efficiency R&D, server autonomics R&D, mobile-device multi-radio interference mitigation, mobile augmented reality, sensor enhanced personal medical monitoring, and network driver development projects.  He has several published whitepapers and 20 granted patents.  In his spare time he is an avid sailor.

OFA Secretary: Michael Aguilar

Michael Aguilar is a System Administrator for the HPC team at Sandia National Laboratories, working with both Capacity Computing and Advanced Architecture Testbeds. Michael received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of North Dakota.

Enterprise Working Group Co-Chair: Robert J. Woodruff

Bob (Woody) Woodruff is a senior software technologist and engineering manager for Intel Corporation working in the cluster and software technologies group specializing in HPC interconnect software and related HPC and OS system software. Bob has 30 years of industry experience in OS and system software development working for Intel Corporation, Cray Research, and Floating Point Systems . Bob has been involved with the Open Fabrics software development since the formation of OFA.

Marketing Working Group Co-Chair: Divya Kolar 

Divya Kolar is an Industry Enabling Manager for Intel Corporation working in the Data Center Group. As part of her role with Intel, she works with ecosystem and industry groups to ensure platform readiness for data center platform technologies. During her career at Intel, she has done software development, technical marketing and product marketing for client platforms, and Intel R & D.  Divya received Masters in Computer Science from Portland State University and holds about eight patents.

OFI Working Group Chair: Sean Hefty

Sean Hefty has 25 years of industry experience at Intel, focused on high-performance networking.  He was involved in InfiniBand at its inception, and is a long time contributor and maintainer of OpenFabrics software, both for Linux and Windows systems.  He is the lead architect and maintainer behind Open Fabrics Interfaces' libfabric.  In addition to working at Intel, he taught at Oregon Tech for 15 years, focusing on database systems, computer networking, and information technology.  He holds advanced degrees in computer science and mathematics, and plays kazoo in a heavy metal band.