Active Project Working Groups

Below is a list of all of the active working groups with links to their work spaces. For more details, visit the relevant Project Page. You must subscribe to a project's mailing list (listserv/Mailman) prior to posting to it. Please do not post before joining.

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FSDPWG – Fabric Software Development Platform Working Group    FSDPWG Group Files  fsdp GIT  Subscribe to FSDPWG List  Go to FSDPWG List Archives

The FSDP delivers on the OFA’s mission to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced fabrics for the benefit of the advanced network ecosystems.

OFIWG - OpenFabrics Interfaces Working Group   OFI Group Files  libfabric GIT  libfabric fabtests GIT  Subscribe to OFIWG List  Go to OFIWG List Archives

The OFIWG is committed to (1) developing, testing, and distributing and extensible, open source framework that provides access to high-performance fabric interfaces and services; and (2) extensible, open source interfaces aligned with ULP and application needs for high-performance fabric services.

OFMFWG – OpenFabrics Management Framework Working Group   OFMFWG Group Files   Subscribe to OFMFWG List  Go to OFMFWG List Archives

The OFMFWG’s charter is to create an OpenFabrics Management Framework to develop, test, and distribute an extensible, open source management framework and interfaces.