OFA Industry Alliance Program Overview

OFA Industry Alliance Program

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) is pleased to announce a new industry alliance program that will enable greater community collaboration with OFA experts and Working Groups to jointly advance fabric technologies. The objective is to facilitate greater synergy among technical organizations working in adjacent areas to advance fabric technologies. The new program provides a platform to incubate and evolve vendor independent open source software for fabrics and drives technical deliverables and promotion to the benefit of the industry as a whole.

As modern data center and Cloud infrastructure performance demands continue to expand, the industry requirements placed on fabrics is also expected grow. We encourage OpenFabrics community members and other organizations to contact the OFA using the form below with their ideas to further develop innovative fabrics technologies and capabilities.

OFA Industry Alliance Partners

More information on OFA Industry Alliance Partnerships can be found here.




DMTF (formerly known as the Distributed Management Task Force) creates open manageability standards spanning diverse emerging and traditional IT infrastructures including cloud, virtualization, network, servers and storage. Member companies and alliance partners worldwide collaborate on standards to improve the interoperable management of information technologies.

Nationally and internationally recognized by ANSI and ISO, DMTF standards enable a more integrated and cost-effective approach to management through interoperable solutions. Simultaneous development of Open Source and Open Standards is made possible by DMTF, which has the support, tools, and infrastructure for efficient development and collaboration.

Learn more about the collaboration between OFA and DMTF here, which also involves SNIA.




Gen-Z is an open-systems interconnect designed to provide memory-semantic access to data and devices via direct-attached, switched or fabric topologies. The Gen-Z Consortium is made up of leading computer industry companies dedicated to creating and commercializing a new data access technology.

Gen-Z was developed to enhance existing and enable new solution architectures while delivering new levels of performance (high-bandwidth, low-latency), software efficiency, power optimizations, and industry agility. Gen-Z technologies can be transparently inserted into any solution with no operating system or middleware software changes required.

Learn more about the collaboration between the OFA and Gen-Z here.




SNIA is a not-for-profit global organization made up of corporations, universities, startups, and individuals. The members collaborate to develop and promote vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and education for management, movement, and security for technologies related to handling and optimizing data. SNIA focuses on the transport, storage, acceleration, format, protection, and optimization of infrastructure for data.

Learn more about the collaboration between the OFA and SNIA here, which also involves DMTF.