Working Groups and User Group Mailing Lists

We use Mailman for general communications to the OpenFabrics Alliance community. allows the community to join and participate in conversations across a variety of areas. It is widely used for all OFA Working Groups.

We encourage anyone interested in the OFA community to join appropriate lists.

Joining a Working Group Mailing List

Visit and click on the name of the list you'd like to join. The information page will provide general information about the list. You will need an email address and password for each list you join. In most lists, you will need to merely confirm your email address after receiving an email from Mailman.

In some lists, due to spam, some cloud email services are banned. If you do not receive a confirmation email, try another email address, or contact the list moderator or administrator using the email address located at the bottom of the list info's web page.

Some lists are limited to participation, because they are for OFA business. You might need the list moderator's or administrator's acceptance to join. The information page will identify whether or not this is necessary.

Monthly Reminders

For any list you join, you will receive a monthly reminder from Mailman identifying the lists you have joined and your password for that list. If you want to change your subscription, you need the password. Your email client might filter Mailman messages, so check all locations your email client might have put the message (e.g. Spam).


You can unsubscribe from a list at any time. Simply visit the information page of the list to which you are subscribed, and enter your email address in the appropriate field on the page. If you subscribed to multiple lists, you must visit each list's information page.