Leadership Team Emeritus

OFA Executive Director Emeritus: Jim Ryan

As a high-tech industry veteran, Jim Ryan brought more than 35 years of experience in developing and managing Special Interest Groups (SIGs). In addition to managing SIGs, Jim has experience in software development, software product management and high-performance data center networks. Jim formed the OpenFabrics Alliance to develop and promote interoperable software stacks for Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) interconnects for HPC and enterprise data centers. From 2000 through 2020, Jim served as an initiative manager at Intel, where he also formed the SSI Forum to drive server infrastructure standards for blade servers, power supplies and server boards and enclosures. Prior to joining Intel, Jim spent time at Sequent (IBM), Bank of America and other high-tech online database companies. Jim completed his education with an MBA from U.C. Berkeley. Jim retired in 2021.