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2024 OFA Virtual Workshop Call for Sessions

The OFA Workshop 2024 is now virtual to accommodate all interested attendees and the Call for Sessions is extended by one week. Proposals are now due by Thursday, March 21 at 5:00PM Pacific Time. The Technical Program Committee will respond to proposals by April 1. 

The OFA Virtual Workshop 2024 will focus on the following overarching themes that cover advanced network technology, innovative networking approaches, and the open community:

  • Network Protocols and Technology
    • L2-L4 Protocols
    • Congestion Control
    • Virtual Subnet Management
  • High-Performance Software
    • RDMA subsystem (kernel/userspace)
    • Kernel/OS-bypass communication
    • Zero-copy techniques
    • Low-level networking APIs
    • New Language Bindings
    • MPI, PGAS, other HPC programming models
    • Other ULPs
  • Hardware Acceleration and In-network Compute
    • GPU, FPGA, Other accelerators
    • Switch-based compute and RDMA
    • P2P communication
    • Compute APIs pertaining to networking
  • Broader Ecosystem, Community, and Standards
    • SNIA
    • Ultra Ethernet Consortium
    • DMTF
    • PCIe
    • CXL
    • FSDP
    • NVMe
  • State-of-Practice
    • Cloud provider
    • Hyperscaler
    • Academia
    • Research lab
  • Composable Infrastructure
    • RDMA with CXL
    • CXL Switching
    • CXL memory technologies
    • Other composable technologies
  • AI and ML
    • Machine Learning framework optimizations
    • Collective communication
    • Impact of data/model parallelism techniques on networking
  • Other Topics

The OFA Virtual Workshop 2024 Call for Sessions encourages industry experts and thought leaders to help shape this year’s discussions by presenting or leading discussions on critical high-performance networking issues. Session proposals are being solicited in any area related to high performance networks and networking software, with a special emphasis on the topics for this year’s Virtual Workshop. In keeping with the Workshop’s emphasis on collaboration, proposals for Birds of a Feather sessions and panels are particularly encouraged.

To submit a speaking proposal, visit

Proposals must be received by March 21, 2024, 5:00 PM PST. The Technical Program Committee (TPC) will respond to proposals by April 1, 2024.

We strongly encourage submitters to provide as much advanced presentation material and/or background information as possible in their proposals to help with the TPC’s evaluations. There will be a separate, camera-ready submission deadline for presentations closer to the workshop, to give authors an opportunity to revise their submission with additional content or results as necessary.

Session Formats

  • Single-Speaker Sessions
    • Generally 30 minutes, allowing exploration of key topics
  • Panels
    • An excellent way to drive debate and discussion
  • Birds of a Feather
    • An opportunity for attendees to compare notes on a particular topic

Registration will open soon.

Contact with questions.