Introduction to OFA’s Fabric Software Development Platform (FSDP)

The new Fabric Software Development Platform (FSDP) project is a vendor-neutral cluster owned and maintained by the OFA for the benefit of its members to develop, test, and validate new and existing network technologies. FSDP offers OFA members an opportunity for serious cost reduction in testing, validation, and development, and provides an invaluable service to the open source community of maintainers as they support open source networking software integration.

In this webinar, OFA FSDP Co-Chairs Tatyana Nikolova of Intel Corporation and Doug Ledford of Red Hat, Inc. covered:

  • Origins of FSDP Project
  • Introduction to FSDP Usages
    • Continuous Integration Testing Service
    • On-Demand Development and Testing Program
    • Logo Testing
  • How to Join / Contribute


Tatyana Nikolova, FSDP Co-Chair, Intel Corporation

Tatyana is an Intel software engineer specializing in RDMA drivers.  Tatyana has been a contributing member of the OFA EWG since 2012.  She has driven Intel’s participation in the OFA logo event since then, including ensuring that current shipping Intel Ethernet products meet the logo standards required by the OFA.

Doug Ledford, FSDP Co-Chair, OFA Chair, Red Hat, Inc.

Doug Ledford is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. He studied Computer Sciences at Southwest Missouri State University, where he was introduced to Linux back when it only ran from floppy discs. Doug led the team that built one of Springfield Missouri's first Internet Service Providers, utilizing Linux for all of the servers. He became the defacto maintainer of the aic7xxx SCSI driver, and then a member of the Linux Maintenance Project. Now working for Red Hat. Doug has worked in a number of different areas in the Linux kernel, including SCSI drivers, SCSI mid layer, audio drivers, network drivers, MD software RAID, and the RDMA stack in the Linux kernel as well as the user space portion of the RDMA stack. Doug is currently an upstream maintainer of the Linux kernel's RDMA stack and of the rdma-core user space project as well as a Red Hat Subject Matter Expert for the MD software RAID stack and the RDMA stack.

Download the webinar presentation here.