OFA Updates RDMA Training Materials Usage Guidelines to Support 3rd Party Instructors

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The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) has updated the usage guidelines for its Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) training materials to encourage third party trainers to leverage and improve upon the OFA’s educational resources. With an aim toward strengthening the OFA’s educational efforts, the organization has decided to make these resources freely available for third party instructor use, with the understanding that any improvements made to the content be returned to the OFA for future consideration. This expands on the training materials’ existing purpose of individual education and instruction within organizations.

The RDMA training materials were created by the OFA and are available for free use under the GNU Free Documentation License terms. They are intended to provide professionals and organizations working in high performance computing and enterprise network industries with detailed information concerning RDMA verbs programming and resources to facilitate the mastering of coding concepts and techniques required to take advantage of RDMA.

The OFA training program is comprised of a suite of code examples and three presentations covering the following RDMA-themed topics:

  • An introduction to RDMA
  • Introduction on writing applications for RDMA
  • Conclusion on application programming for RDMA

Presentations and example suites can be downloaded from the OFA Training Files Downloads page.

More information on OFA RDMA training materials and terms of use can be found on the OFA Training Overview page.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be sent to training@