Casting the Net: Scaling Management of Storage and Fabrics

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Presenters: Richelle Ahlvers, SNIA Board, Intel; and Phil Cayton, OFA Vice Chair, Intel.

Composable disaggregated infrastructures provide a promising solution to addressing the provisioning and computational efficiency limitations, as well as hardware and operating costs, of integrated, siloed systems. But how do we solve these problems in an open, standards-based way?

DMTF, SNIA, the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA), and the CXL Consortium are working together to provide elements of the overall solution, with Redfish and Swordfish manageability providing the standards-based interface. OFA is developing an Open Fabric Management Framework (OFMF) designed for configuring fabric interconnects and managing composable disaggregated resources in dynamic HPC infrastructures using client-friendly abstractions.

In this webinar, attendees will understand how use cases for scaling management of storage and fabrics and beyond are addressed in these architectures, and the applicability to additional technologies.