Working Groups

Below is a list of all of the active working groups with links to their work spaces. Go here for complete descriptions and to email the groups’ chairs. You must subscribe to the lists prior to posting to the lists. Please do not post before joining.

In addition to subscribing to a Working Group mailing list below, if you want to be notified of OFA activities of interest to you that are not part of the activities of the Working Group, please subscribe to one of our OFA notification lists on our Subscriptions page. Note that the Working Group mailing lists and our notification lists are not dynamically synchronized. They are separate services. However, if you joined a Working Group (Mailman) list prior to June 30, 2018, you are already subscribed to a notification list. You do not need to subscribe to a notification list.

OFA Board   EWG Work Group Files   Subscribe to EWG List   Go to EWG List Archives

The OFA Board conducts the essential business of the OFA. The Board meets one Thursday a month and the Executive Work Group meets the other Thursdays. OFA public documents such as meeting minutes are stored here, along with folders for specific projects. Anyone can view these documents, but write access is controlled.

OFIWG - OpenFabrics Interfaces Working Group   OFI Group Files  libfabric GIT  libfabric fabtests GIT  Report/Search the Bug List  Subscribe to OFIWG List  Go to OFIWG List Archives

The OFIWG is committed to (1) developing, testing, and distributing and extensible, open source framework that provides access to high-performance fabric interfaces and services; and (2) extensible, open source interfaces aligned with ULP and application needs for high-performance fabric services.

FSDPWG – Fabric Software Development Platform Working Group    FSDPWG Group Files  fsdp GIT  Subscribe to FSDPWG List  Go to FSDPWG List Archives

The FSDP delivers on the OFA’s mission to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced fabrics for the benefit of the advanced network ecosystems.

OFMFWG – OpenFabrics Management Framework Working Group   OFMFWG Group Files   Subscribe to OFMFWG List  Go to OFMFWG List Archives

The OFMFWG’s charter is to create an OpenFabrics Management Framework to develop, test, and distribute an extensible, open source management framework and interfaces.

MWG - Marketing Working Group  MWG Working Group files  Subscribe to MWG List   Go to MWG List Archives

OFA Marketing Working Group charter is to promote the benefits of OFA and accelerate the adoption of existing and emerging advanced fabric technologies. To view the archives you must be a subscriber.

Inactive Working Groups

Below is a list of the working groups that are currently inactive. Check back frequently for activity status updates.

EWG - Enterprise Working Group   EWG Work Group Files  Report/Search the Bug List  Subscribe to EWG List  Go to EWG List Archives

The EWG qualifies and tests OpenFabrics Software (OFS) for Linux code prior to distribution and ensures robustness and applicability for commercial usage on popular Linux distributions such as RHEL and SLES. OFS and OFED (OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution) releases and components can be found on the OpenFabrics Software Portal.

OFVWG - OpenFabrics Verbs Working Group   OFVWG Work Group Files  Report/Search the Bug List  Subscribe to OFVWG List  Go to OFVWG List Archives

The OFVWG is committed to enhancing the verbs interface to meet the needs of future systems and applications.

IWG - Interoperability Working Group     Report/Search the Bug List  Subscribe to IWG List  Go to IWG List Archives

The IWG validates and certifies commercial products that interoperate with OpenFabrics Software. To see a copy of the IWG’s charter, click here. This group requires approval by the chairperson (contact the chairperson). To view the archives you must be a subscriber.

TAC - Technical Advisory Committee     Go to TAC List Archives

The TAC researches and identifies strategic technology initiatives for the Alliance. Members of this group include senior technologists from OFA member companies. To view the archives you must be a subscriber.

OFW - OFED for Windows Working Group   Browse OFED for Windows Repository  Report/Search the Bug List  Subscribe to OFW List  Go to OFW List Archives

The OFW qualifies and tests OFS for Microsoft Windows code prior to distribution and ensures robustness and applicability for commercial usage.