2014 IBUG Workshop

The 2nd Annual IBUG Workshop was held April 2-3 in Monterey, California and offered a 2-day event with sessions related to understanding, implementing, and administering OpenFabrics Software (OFS) and the underlying hardware. This unique event brought together users of InfiniBand, RoCE and all RDMA technologies bundled in the OpenFabrics Software suite, providing them with a setting to talk together about the challenges and different opportunities using OFS.


Wednesday, April 2nd

2:30 PM
Welcome / Opening Remarks
Susan Coulter/LANL

3:00 PM
Optimizing & Tuning Techniques for Running MVAPICH2 over IB
Dr. DK Panda & Hari Subramoni/OSU

4:00 PM
Distro/Testing & Integration
John Jolly/SUSE

4:30 PM
Distro/Testing & Integration
Doug Ledford/RedHat

5:00 PM
RDMA Stacks (RHEL 6, RHEL 7, MOFED, OFED & Linux Kernel
Christoph Lameter/GenTwo

5:30 PM
Verbs 2.0 / Open Framework
Sean Hefty/Intel

Thursday, April 3, 2014

8:00 AM
Welcome / Opening Remarks
Susan Coulter/LANL

8:30 AM
Scalable Subnet Administration
Hal Rosenstock/Mellanox

9:00 AM
Monitoring: Errors/Performance
Jesse Martinez/LANL

9:30 AM
Monitoring: A Case Study
Florent Parent/Calcul Quebec

10:00 AM
Subnet Manager Logs Explained
Hal Rosenstock/Mellanox

11:00 AM
SMC-R/RoCE Update
Jerry Stevens/IBM

11:30 AM
Optimizing Open MPI Parameters for IB
Nathan Hjelm/LANL

1:00 PM
Taming LNET
Doug Oucharek/Intel

1:30 PM
OpenStack & IB
Blake Caldwell/ORNL

2:00 PM
Bart Van Assche/Fusion-io

2:30 PM
Implementing TCP Sockets over RDMA
Patrick MacArthur/UNH-IOL

3:30 PM
Mkey Usage / IB Partitions
Susan Coulter/LANL

4:00 PM
Delivering RoCE for Converged Enterprise & Cloud Deployments
Joe Gervais/Emulex

4:30 PM
Virtualization & IB
Michel Riviere/Oracle

5:00 PM
Closing Remarks
Susan Coulter/LANL