Universal Fabric Manager Initiative to Kick-off at OFA Virtual Workshop 2020

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The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Virtual Workshop kicks-off next week with a highly anticipated program featuring a collection of technical sessions covering topics that span the entire network stack.

In keeping with its mission to foster collaboration among the fabric community, the OFA will host an interactive Birds of a Feather (BoF) session covering the development of a “Universal Fabric Manager.” An OFA Workshop BoF session is an ideal forum for gauging OFA community interest in an emerging topic, disseminating information on it and networking with others who share interest in that topic.

The BoF will be held Thursday, June 11 from 10-11AM PDT and will follow three sessions from earlier in the day that will touch on the concept of a Universal Fabric Manager. Below is a detailed description of this BoF:

Title: Universal Fabric Manager – BoF

Date/Time: Thursday, June 11 from 10-11AM PDT

Leaders: Paul Grun, HPE; Russ Herrell, HPE; Jeff Hilland, HPE


The OFA, together with its partner the Gen-Z Consortium, is beginning an investigation of the notion of a “universal fabric manager.” The topic of a universal fabric manager will be covered by the three sessions preceding the BoF. This BoF is an opportunity for the community as a whole to explore and consider the idea in some detail with an open discussion. BoF participants are encouraged to ask questions raised during the three earlier sessions, explore and exchange ideas, identify possible pitfalls, and think about next steps toward launching what could be a significant new industry initiative.

The complete OFA Virtual Workshop agenda and session abstracts are available on the Agenda and Abstracts page.

Interested in attending the OFA Virtual Workshop? Register using the links below or visit the Registration page.


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Monday, June 8
8:00AM-11:00AM PDT


Tuesday, June 9
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Wednesday, June 10
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Thursday, June 11
8:00AM-11:00AM PDT


Friday, June 12
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If you have any questions about the OFA Workshop, visit the Workshop page here.